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General James Maurice Primrose

1819 - 1892

General James Maurice Primrose C.S.I. (1819 - 1892) served in the 43rd Light Infantry, 1837 – 1864, and commanded that regiment as Lt. Colonel 1859 – 1864. He saw active service in the Xhosa Wars in South Africa, 1851 – 1853, and the closing stages of the Indian Mutiny, 1858 – 1859. Subsequently, he commanded British troops in India, Ireland, Egypt and at Aldershot. As a Lieutenant General he commanded British forces at Kandahar during the Second Anglo-Afghan War, 1878 – 1880. His career ended under a cloud when, following the British defeat at the battle of Maiwand, he was made the scapegoat for the failure to organise more active resistance to the Afghan siege of Kandahar. Nevertheless, the army relented and he retired as a full General in 1882. He is buried at Fenagh in County Leitrim, Ireland.



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