Locarno | Jean Playfair Agard Evans | Image courtesy of a private collector | Licence: All Rights Reserved

Jean Playfair Agard Evans

1872 - 1956

Jean Playfair Agard Evans was born in Kelso, southern Scotland, in 1872 and died in 1956. She travelled extensively, criss-crossing Europe, even crossing the Atlantic Ocean to North America. She painted what she saw in watercolours wherever she went, producing over 1000 watercolours over the course of her life. She described her life in her diaries, her travelogues, her written reminiscences and her short stories. When she was young, her family settled in Zurich from where she first saw the Alps, falling in love with the mountain scenery. In 1890 she met and married her husband, Ernest Agard Evans with whom she had two boys, Hellier and Archibald. Ernest also loved the Alps and had set up his own company producing exclusive travel guides to promote the beauty of the Alps to the English. Like Jean, he was an enthusiastic mountaineer and together they climbed summits as well as travelling from resort to resort evaluating hotels and their services. They lived in Lausanne, Switzerland.



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