Lake of Nemi | Edward Dayes | Courtesy of The Keepers and Governors of Harrow School | Licence: All Rights Reserved

Harrow School

The Old Speech Room Gallery (OSRG) at Harrow School is open during term time weekday afternoons (except Wednesdays) between 2:30 and 5:00pm. The gallery runs a changing exhibition programme throughout the year. Permanent collections on display feature Greek vases, Lord Byron, Admiral Codrington, H.B. Harris and Winston Churchill.
Artworks by Constable, Reynolds and Woolner form part of the permanent collection; watercolours by Turner, Ruskin, Lear, Roberts and de Wint are occasionally mounted in temporary displays – please check with the Curator for details as to when they are accessible to visitors.
Enquiries for image acknowledgements, permissions and copyright should be made to the OSRG Curator: [email protected]



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