Around the world with Robert Elwes

The admired Victorian artist-traveller Robert Elwes' paintings, previously believed to have been destroyed by fire with his house, have recently been rediscovered by The Watercolour World

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Sailing on the Sobraon

The Sobraon was the largest composite ship ever made, sailing for 25 years between England and Australia until the modern age caught up with her

Watercolour records show species before they were endangered

As people travelled the world in previous centuries they recorded local wildlife. Many of the species they sketched are now threatened with extinction.

Watercolour Week at the Royal Academy of Arts, London

Watercolour World Founder Fred Hohler considers the importance of teaching the skill of painting documentary watercolours

Egyptology and expansionism in 19th-century Belgium

Researchers have been looking at historical watercolours to understand the rise of Egyptomania in Belgium

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