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Cultural sensitivity warning

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The Website includes images of historical paintings and prints, along with details of their original titles, descriptions, and inscriptions. Some of this content records the attitudes and assumptions of the original artists or authors, and/or reflects attitudes of the time which may be considered inappropriate today. Other images may record scenes of oppression, aggression, or methods of scientific and anthropological study that may be seen as offensive. TWW presents this content as part of the historical record and in no way endorses any of the attitudes or actions reflected within the content.

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 Takedown policy

TWW will remove images at the request of copyright holders. If you believe you hold the rights to an image on our Website and would like us to take it down please make a formal request by writing to [email protected]. You should include the words ‘Takedown request’ in your email subject line. In the body of the email, please include your name, address and telephone number, a direct URL to the content on our Website, a summary of your complaint/request and a statement confirming that you are the copyright holder or are authorised to act on their behalf. We may ask that you provide proof of ownership before acting on your takedown request.


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