Courtesy of National Library of Scotland | Licence: CC BY 4.0
Courtesy of National Library of Scotland | Licence: CC BY 4.0

107a - Gowry House, Perthshire (looking east)




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A note under the left hand side of the engraving reads, 'Drawn by Genl. Hutton for the Portfolio, & Engd. by J. & H. Storer'. On the right hand side a note reads, 'Pubd. by Sherwood & Co, Augt. 1, 1823'. The engravers, James Sargant Storer and Henry Sargant Storer, father and son, were leaders in their field, and appear to have produced a great deal of work for a publication by Sherwood called 'The Portfolio' around this time. The Hutton Collection contains several images of Gowrie House, mostly unsigned drawings dated about 1783. It is likely that Hutton drew these and the original drawing from which this engraving came at the same time. Gowrie House was demolished in 1809, which means that the drawing must have predated the 1823 publication of the portfolio, and the soldiers and artillery depicted here suggest a 1783 origin, as Gowrie House served as a military barracks at this time.

Additional Makers: engraver- James Storer (1771-1853); publisher- Sherwood & Co
Collective title: Hutton Drawings > [Volume 2] > Perthshire

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Courtesy of National Library of Scotland

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Water Vennel, Perth, Scotland


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The site is now occupied by county buildings. Some remains survive along the south side of Water Vennel.