Courtesy of National Library of Scotland | Licence: CC BY 4.0
Courtesy of National Library of Scotland | Licence: CC BY 4.0

163 - Roxburgh Friary




Attributed name George Henry Hutton

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This drawing is dated 1784, and as not attributed to any artist, is likely to be the work of George Henry Hutton himself. It is the only drawing of Roxburgh Friary in the Hutton Collection, and shows two humble buildings that, in contrast to the grand border abbeys, look like little more than cottages. Roxburgh Friary was located on a peninsula at the confluence of the River Tweed and Teviot Water, adjacent to Roxburgh Castle. The Friary was founded in 1232, and was home to a community of Franciscan monks. It is believed that at one stage, a bridge connected the Friary to Kelso Abbey, which stood east of Roxburgh on the opposite bank of the Tweed. Today nothing of the original burgh of Roxburgh remains, although a hamlet bearing the same name lies approximately two miles to the south-west

Collective title: Hutton Drawings > [Volume 2] > Roxburghshire

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Courtesy of National Library of Scotland

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Roxborough Friary, Kelso, Scotland