Courtesy of National Library of Scotland | Licence: CC BY 4.0
Courtesy of National Library of Scotland | Licence: CC BY 4.0

70b - North-east view of Torphichen Preceptory, West Lothian




Attributed name: George Henry Hutton

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This sketch, made in June 1807, shows the north-east view of Torphichen Preceptory, which is located in the West Lothian village of Torphichen. Although the name of the artist has not been included on the drawing, it is quite likely to have been Hutton himself. St Ninian established the first church to exist at this site in about 400. King Arthur supposedly visited in 516. King David I of Scotland, meanwhile, founded Torphichen Preceptory, in 1153. The preceptory was the Scottish seat of the Knights Hospitallers or Knights of St John of Jerusalem. The nave, transept and choir date from the thirteenth century, and traces of them still exist. However, very little now remains of the cloister and the domestic buildings, while the preceptory was much altered during the fifteenth century, while the parish church at this site was built in 1756.

Collective title: Hutton Drawings > [Volume 2] > Linlithgowshire (West Lothian)

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Courtesy of National Library of Scotland

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Torphichen Preceptory, Torphichen, Scotland