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Amaranthus tricolor dated 27 Aug 1782

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A watercolour showing a study of an Amaranthus tricolour. Tricolour leaves are shown issuing from a central stem, with an ink and wash border around the edge of the sheet.

Inscribed below: Amaranthus Tricolour or Three Coloured Amaranthus. No 1 August 27.th 1782. Charlotte Aug[usta Matilda]

Queen Charlotte and her daughters had a serious interest in botany. This drawing of an Amaranthus tricolour is one of several plant studies from a volume of drawings by Charlotte, Princess Royal. While some of these drawings have clearly been copied from the illustrations of important botanical books, such as John Miller's Illustrations of the Sexual System of Linnaeus, others appear to be studies from actual plants. For other items in this volume see Princess Royal Volume.

Descriptive Medium: 'Watercolour and pen and ink over pencil', 'pencil, watercolour, pen and ink'

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Windsor, Berkshire, England