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Antwerp from the Schelde dated 11 Aug 1852


11 Aug 1852

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A watercolour showing a view of Antwerp from the River Schelde. Antwerp Cathedral is shown in the centre with the town shown around. The river is shown in the foreground. Inscribed lower right: Antwerp from the Schelde - Aug: 1 - 1852
On 10 August 1852 Queen Victoria set sail from Osborne to Belgium on the Royal Yacht, Victoria & Albert. They arrived at Antwerp on 11 August 1852 after sailing up the River Schelde. In her journal entry of 11 August 1852, Queen Victoria describes how "Antwerp was seen to great advantage [from the river], with its beautiful cathedral lit up by the setting sun"
This drawing was used as a preparatory sketch for RCIN 980055.bs
Descriptive Medium: 'Pencilm, watercolour, pen and ink', 'pencil, watercolour, pen and ink'

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Antwerp, Belgium