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A beach scene with fishermen dated 1860

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A watercolour showing a beach scene. Two fishermen are shown in the foreground, pouring fish into a barrel. A beached fishing boat is shown behind, in the centre, and the sea is shown to the left. Small buildings are shown at the bottom of cliffs in the background to the right.
Inscribed lower right: 1860
Madame de Coninck, formally Madame Maria de Hocédé, was the French Governess to Queen Victoria's children from 20 January 1859. Coninck was a favourite of Princess Alice and Princess Louise, who each presented her with an album of drawings (RCIN 981663 & RCIN 981664) before she left to remarry in July 1863. For other items in this volume see RCIN 981664.
Descriptive Medium: 'Watercolour over pencil', 'pencil, watercolour'

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