Courtesy of The National Library of Wales | Licence: Public Domain
Courtesy of The National Library of Wales | Licence: Public Domain



20 July 1854


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Courtesy of The National Library of Wales

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Château de Bricquebec, Normandy, France


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Tradition has it that the first castle at this site was built by a certain Anslech, of Scandinavian origin, who was related to the Duke of Normandy, William Longsword. Later Bricquebec Castle was owned by Robert I Bertran, who accompanied William the Conqueror in the conquest of England in 1066. His son, Robert II Bertran, is believed to have taken part in the taking of Jerusalem during the First Crusade in 1096. Myth has it that in 1270 the Knights Templar, who already had numerous other possessions in the area, founded a commandery in the castle, based on the architectural layout of the castle. After the death of the last of the Bertrans, Bricquebec Castle went to the Paisnel family through marriage. In 1418 the castle was occupied by the troops of King Henry V of England. Given to William de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk, then sold by him to captain Bertin Entwistle, the castle stayed under English rule until 1450. In 1452 Louis d'Estouteville took possession of the castle. In the 16th century the barons of Bricquebec abandoned the castle in favor of their newer manors. In 1857 the castle was visited by Queen Victoria of England and in 1957 by Field Marshall Montgoméry. At present there is a hotel inside the castle.