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© Trustees of the British Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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See No. 12074. A Frenchman seated in an upright straw-bottomed chair holds a copy of 'Le Moniteur. 1813' at arm's length, and clenches his right fist. The first column is headed 'Defeat'. His right leg is raised in his agitation, and he glares angrily at the newspaper. He is lean and coarse-featured, with short-ish grey hair swept back from his head. On the back of the chair is his cocked hat with tricolour cockade. He is neatly and plainly dressed in dark green tail-coat, scarlet waistcoat, shirt with a plain turn-down collar and very projecting frill, grey breeches, white stockings, and buckled shoes, and resembles a Robespierrist Jacobin. Graphite, pen and black ink, grey wash and watercolour, strengthened with gum.
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