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Cumberland Lodge c. 1754

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A pencil and watercolour drawing of the front of the Ranger's Lodge (now Cumberland Lodge), with old buildings and stables on the right. Unfinished, on three sheets of paper, joined vertically. Inscribed in pencil below in Thomas or Paul Sandby's hand, 'Drawing of the Old Lodge in Windsor Park by Sandby'. Inscribed in pencil on the gable of the outbuildings to the right, 'stables'. Inscribed on the verso with a price, 10/6.

William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, was Ranger of Windsor Great Park from 1746, residing at the Ranger's Lodge. Thomas Sandby worked for the Duke on his military campaigns and continued to do so during his period as Ranger as architect and draughtsman. After his appointment the Duke embarked on an extensive programme of refurbishments to the Great Park, and in 1754 Thomas and Paul Sandby published a set of prints, the Eight Views of Windsor Great Park, comprising views of the Duke's most prominent projects in the park. This drawing relates to the print of the Ranger's Lodge in that set. It records the appearance of the Lodge and the new stables extended by the Duke, before the construction of a new wing designed by Thomas Sandby in the late 1750s. In 1754 Dr Richard Pococke described the exotic birds kept by the Duke, 'The Duke has wild beasts here, and I saw an ostrich walking in the lawn near the house. It is incredible how fine a place this is made, from being the most disagreeable and uncultivated, and the whole country round it is in a state of great improvement' (Pococke Travels, p. 6).

Another pencil and wash study of the same subject is RCIN 914625, and a finished watercolour version is 451431.

Descriptive Medium: 'Pencil, pen and ink and watercolour', 'watercolour, pencil, pen and ink'

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Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, Windsor, England