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© Royal Collection Trust | Licence: All Rights Reserved

Design for a Picture Gallery on Windsor Terrace

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A watercolour drawing of a proposed design for a Picture Gallery to be added at the West end of the North Terrace, Windsor Castle by extending the Queen Elizabeth's Gallery. The Round Tower is behind, set against a cloudy sky. A group of figures in the right foreground, a single male figure at the centre and three figures on the left have been superimposed on the design. Trees at the far right. The lines of the elevation have been drawn with ruler and compass. On the verso, three pencil drawings of details of the proposed elevation, with a plan. Two other drawings related to the project (RCINs 914592 and 914590) show a view of the entire North front, with and without the proposed additions. The project was never carried out.

Descriptive Medium: 'Pencil, pen and ink and watercolour', 'pen and ink, pencil (traces of)', 'watercolour painting'

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Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England