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Designs for the Pavilion at Brighton: West Corridor of the Pavilion-Green House. 1806

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A watercolour of Repton's proposed west corridor, as seen from the Pavilion. The text notes that 'altho in reality this conservatory can only be about fifty feet long; the Enfilade is increased to an indefinite length, by a Mirror so placed as to reflect the whole of the North Corridor', and that 'In the sketch, a Gardener is represented at the angle, to shew the only spot where any moving object can be reflected'.

This drawing is part of Repton's Red Book for Brighton Pavilion (970493) submitted to George, Prince of Wales (later George IV) in 1806.

Descriptive Medium: 'Watercolour', 'watercolour painting'

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Royal Pavilion, Brighton, East Sussex, England