Courtesy of Holkham Hall | Licence: All Rights Reserved
Courtesy of Holkham Hall | Licence: All Rights Reserved

Detail of a Lunette from the Nasoni Family Tomb, showing Hercules presenting Alcester before her husband and Minerva

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Two Albums of Drawings after the Antique by Francesco Bartoli. Bound in gilt-tooled, full tan Morocoo, bound in c. 1830 by F&T. Aiken. Both volumes: 59.3 x 44.5cm.


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The figures (adopting Bartoli's numbers) are coloured as follows: 1) has a red cross-belt 2) green robe 3) red robe 4) blue robe. The Tritons in the spandrels are omitted. See Sepolcro de Nasonii (1680), no. 10.
Volume 1; Folio No. 29

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Courtesy of Holkham Hall

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Tomb of the Nasoni family, Via Flaminia, Rome, Italy



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From an album in which Bartoli records classical motifs, many copied from frescoes from identified buildings in Rome.