Courtesy of E J Upton's great grand-daughter | Licence: All Rights Reserved
Courtesy of E J Upton's great grand-daughter | Licence: All Rights Reserved

Drawing, (1865)


Edward James Upton

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Drawing, (1865)




This scene ties in with an extract from the artist's [Edward James Upton's] diary: "...1865 – On New Year's Day evening we went to Church through the snow and your dear father caught a cold which settled in his throat and caused a very serious illness. My anxiety was very great, I never left the house for a month. I could not bear to be away if he was ill, neither could he bear me to be away from him or for anyone else to do aught for him. When he began to mend Rupert used to go into his room and play at being postman carrying letters to different parts of the room for Captain Upton. Before he had recovered the order came for us to move to Preston; the depôt went without us for Edward was not able to move or go out of the house. We had the house upon our hands for three years and all the furniture. At first we felt great anxiety, for our means were small and the outlay had been great for us. We did not see any way of getting rid of the house or furniture. I think I was especially upheld during that time – I never doubted but someone would come at the right moment. We packed our things and made all preparations for our journey. Dear Edward was only able to leave the house on Monday as we were to start on Wednesday; when he went to make arrangements for letting the house and selling the furniture by auction, during his absence I had a visit from an auctioneer who wanted to take the house and furniture for some maiden ladies, which he did, giving us what we had given for the furniture, and the money was paid the next day. So the Lord leads and provides for His children – with what thankful and glad hearts we set out for England …" [The two children were called Rupert and Lionel].


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Courtesy of E J Upton's great grand-daughter

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