© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London | Licence: CC BY-NC-ND
© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London | Licence: CC BY-NC-ND

The eastern side of the Queen Anne Court, Greenwich Hospital

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A view looking north towards the Thames along the east face of the Queen Anne Court of Greenwich Hospital, showing the north-east pavilion, the pedimented centre bay and two bays of windows to the southward. A tree in leaf in the far right and the bright light and sharply angled shadow falling across the north-east pavilion indicate a time around noon on a summer day. The main face of the wing is in shadow as are two small groups of Greenwich Pensioners in the courtyard area close under the building. Two sit on a bench, one having a left peg-leg; three stand talking and another stands to the right, with indications of the start of two further figures drawn beside him but not completed. The main range centring on the pediment, which still has the carved stone trophies of arms at its corners and apex (of which two are visible here), was designed and built by Nicholas Hawksmoor, 1699-1705, when Clerk of Works to the Hospital under Wren. The end pavilions were completed by Thomas Ripley, then the Hospital Surveyor. The drawing is indistinctly signed '..Cox' in the bottom left corner by the bench.

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© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

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Queen Anne Court, University of Greenwich, London, England