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An elegantly dressed young couple on skates c.1620

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A drawing of a young man and woman standing side by side, full length. He wears a high-crowned hat, standing collar, a doublet, and slops with fringed garters below the knee; she wears a diadem cap, ruff, sleeveless overgown and an apron. The drawing of the girl was used as the preparatory study for the figure on the left of the finished watercolour of Three figures in a flat landscape, in the Teylers Museum, Haarlem. RL 6465-6513 amount to nearly one third of Avercamp's known drawings and represent the largest holding in one collection. They cover all categories of his drawings- studies of single figures, and groups, genre scenes and landscapes- and illustrate his considerable variety in finish and technique. In general the artist did not make preparatory drawings. They seem to have been made for their own sake, and some of the more finished coloured sheets were probably sold. The remainder served as a vocabulary of human behaviour as for the most part seen in the provincial town of Kampen.

Descriptive Medium: 'Pen and brown ink over graphite with some watercolour on the female figure, and graphite with red chalk on the male figure.', 'pencil, pen and brown ink, red chalk', 'drawing, touches of watercolour'

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Kampen, Overijssel, Netherlands