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© Trustees of the British Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

An English Man of War, taking a French Privateer

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A young sailor overtakes and takes by the right hand a young woman walking from left to right, carrying one of the arched-top coffers which were used by milliners. She wears a hat, long gloves, and a cloak bordered with ermine. The sailor is dandified, in spite of his striped trousers, jacket, and round hat; a bunch of seals dangles from his waistcoat, and he carries a thin cane under his arm. The background is the wall of a bridge over the Thames, it is surmounted by balustrades, through which is seen the river, and buildings on the opposite bank. A bill is posted on the wall, "All Able Bodied Seamen. ". 1781. Hand-coloured mezzotint.
Additional Makers: Published by - Carington Bowles
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