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Geldie Shiel dated 29 Sept 1880


29 Sept 1880

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A watercolour showing a view of a Highland landscape from the Geldie Shiel. A ridge is shown in the foreground, with hills shown behind. Inscribed lower left: Geldie Shiel Sept: 29. 1880. While staying at Balmoral Queen Victoria made many expeditions to local beauty spots. On 29 September 1880, the Queen visited the Geldie Shiel with members of her family. In her journal entry of that day, Queen Victoria describes how they "Took our luncheon in front of the house (a neglected place) & then sketched a little".
Descriptive Medium: 'Pencil, watercolour', 'pencil, watercolour'

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Gelder Shiel, Eastern Highlands, Ballater, Scotland