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Hampton Court: The Queen's State Bedchamber c.1816

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A watercolour of the Queen's State Bedchamber at Hampton Court, a preparatory work for one of the plates in William Henry Pyne's 'History of the Royal Residences' (1816-1819). Since George I did not have a consort, the Queen's Apartments at Hampton Court were used by his son and daughter-in-law, the future George II and Queen Caroline. The State Bedchamber was a room of great ceremonial importance, and received a particularly lavish decoration. While the painted ceiling constituted Sir James Thornhill's last artistic triumph, the state bed was the most costly piece of furniture ordered in the early reign of George I.

Descriptive Medium: 'Pen and ink with watercolour and bodycolour', 'pen and ink, watercolour, bodycolour (colour)'

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Hampton Court, East Molesey, Greater London, England