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The inside of a hippah, in New Zealand.

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Engraver: Benjamin Thomas Pouncy (d. 1799)


The open marae area of a pa, with low houses around the edge of the area, a brushwood palisade and the sea and hills beyond. In the foreground are two groups of Maori, one including a man leaning on a spear with others seated at his feet, the other with two men or women seated. The foreground area with the pa is thought to be Cook's 'Hippah Island', a now unnamed islet just south of Motuara Island in Queen Charlotte Sound, looking north, with the steep sides of Motuara Island rising beyond the pa.

Exhibitied in 'Drawn From Nature: Europeans Record New Zealand, 1770-1860' exhibition at the National Library Gallery, 31 March to 28 May 1989.

Extended Title - From: Cook, James. A voyage to the Pacific Ocean. (London, 1784). Vol 1, plate 10.

This version (in the correct orientation) is based on a pen and wash drawing in the British Library (Add. MS 15513, f. 6). There is also a watercolour version (closer to the engraving, but produced later by Webber probably in preparation for engraving)in the Dixson Library, Sydney (PXX 2, 2). See also A-111-008 for a reversed version of this view from G. W. Anderson's 'A new, authentic and complete collection of voyages...' (London, 1784); also B-098-023 for the same, hand-coloured.

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Queen Charlotte Sound / Tōtaranui, Marlborough, New Zealand