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The King's Presence Chamber, St James's Palace. c.1816

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Plain grey room with vast canopy in red with upholstered chair and stools. Tapesteries behind the throne and to left by door. Another tapestry just seen to right. Fireplace to right, Window in corner. 2 soldiers standing by window in corner.
The watercolour was prepared for one of the plates in Henry William Pyne's 'History of the Royal Residences' (1816-19). Engraved by T. Sutherland, the print was published on 1 April 1816.
Pyne's 'History of the Royal Residences' was a three-volume publication which encompassed a number of royal residences, including Windsor Castle (vol. 1), Buckingham House and Hampton Court Palace (vol. 2), and St James's Palace and Carlton House (vol. 3) presenting 100 hand-coloured engravings of exteriors and interiors accompanied by descriptive texts. The 100 watercolours which were engraved for the publication survive in the Royal Library; these watercolours are exactly the size of the image on the printed plates, and may perhaps have been intended as colour guides for the artists responsible for hand-painting the monochrome prints.
Descriptive Medium: 'Watercolour and bodycolour over pencil'

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St. James' Palace, London, England