Image source: The Walters Art Museum | Licence: CC0 1.0
Image source: The Walters Art Museum | Licence: CC0 1.0

Landscape with Cottage

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"Landscape with Cottage" represents a peasant's thatched cottage on a rise. To the left, we see the tip of a steeple and to the right a figure in blue on a white horse, perhaps returning to his cottage as lowering clouds threaten the onset of a storm. Rousseau often chose to represent rustic cottages, informed both by sites he had seen on his travels and his familiarity with the 17th-century Dutch tradition. The location of the site depicted here is uncertain. It is possible that it could be a rocky plain in the forest of Fontainebleau some two miles south-west of Barbizon, which Rousseau represented frequently, particularly in his later years. However, it is also quite possible that Rousseau did not intend here to represent a specific location but rather a more generalized and imaginative interpretation of nature.
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Inscription: [Signed] Lower left in iron gall ink: Th Roussseau; [Label] On reverse of frame [since removed, label removed with frame, April 9,1963]: Collection de M. Marmontel, no 488; [Watermark] J Kool/C&W[?]Comp
Medium: watercolor with crayon over graphite underdrawing on beige, moderately thick, moderately textured laid paper.
Credit line: Acquired by William T. Walters, 1883.
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Image source: The Walters Art Museum

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Fontainebleau, France