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Alexander Turnbull Library | Licence: All Rights Reserved

[Lyttelton, with Immigrants' Barracks and settlers' houses.]

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Shows view of Lyttelton looking towards the immigration barracks, John Robert Godley's house, and the Sumner Road. Shows surrounding houses including one on the hillside above the Sumner Road, with the flagpole outside it.

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Oxford St & Norwich Quay, Lyttelton, Canterbury, New Zealand


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The Lyttelton Immigration Barracks sat on the corner of Oxford Street and Norwich Quay and the remains of the Godley’s house were discovered during the demolition of Lyttelton’s Plunket building (due to earthquake damage) in June 2012 at number 4 Sumner Road. see: see: see:'s%20foundations%20were%20discovered,office%2C%20home%2C%20and%20stables.