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© Trustees of the British Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Men of War, bound for the Port of Pleasure

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A party of sailors, just landed at Chatham, with prostitutes. A sailor holding out a purse walks with a woman who puts her right arm across his shoulders, her left hand on her hip. Behind them a sailor embraces a woman who is taking his watch and seals from his fob. On the right, a sailor seated on a sea-chest puts his arm round a gaily-dressed woman who holds a purse. Behind them is a negro with a woman. In the background a coach drives off, its roof crowded with sailors waving their hats; its panels are inscribed 'Chat[ham] to Gra[vesend]' and 'Gravesend Tide Co[ach]'. On a wall (left) is a bill, 'Chatham to Gravesend Tide Coach'. In the foreground (left) are a sea-chest, a bundle, a bludgeon. 1791. Hand-coloured mezzotint.
Additional Makers: Published by - Carington Bowles
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Chatham, Kent, England