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'The Misses Sandby of Norwich' c. 1780c. 1800

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A pencil and watercolour drawing of two female figures in a landscape, with trees behind. Both are wearing large straw hats with black ribbons. Both girls have long ringlets hanging over their shoulders. One wears a white dress with black shawl, the other a spotted coat with black facings. Two ladies walking behind. Inscribed below on the modern mount, probably copied from an earlier one 'The Misses Berry'. The identification of the sitters as the Berry sisters has been rejected by A. P. Oppé, on the grounds that the girls were born in 1763 and 1764 and probably would not have met Sandby until after 1788, by which time they would have been too old for the models in this drawing. A drawing in the Yale Center for British Art (B1975.4.715) shows the same figures, drawn in sepia. A drawing in the collection of Captain Bruce Ingram (Oppé, ill. fig. 18) shows the same figures in reverse, wearing the same costume, and is inscribed by the artist 'Miss Sandby's of Norwich'. They are the daughters of Dr Sandby, Chancellor of Norwich, drawings of whose seat, Denton Lodge, were exhibited by Paul Sandby at the Royal Academy in 1798 and 1799.

Alternate title: 'The Misses Berry'

Descriptive Medium: 'Pencil and watercolour', 'pencil', 'watercolour painting'

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Earsham Road, Bungay, Norfolk, England