Courtesy of Nova Scotia Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-ND
Courtesy of Nova Scotia Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-ND

No 1. Monotropa uniflora – Death Flower. No. 2. Taxus canadensis – Ground Hemlock. No.3. Oxycoccus (Chiogenes) hispidulus – Maidenhair Tea.




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Bound volume of watercolours paintings, maroon leather with gold leaf scrolling outline on 4 sides. Front cover inscribed: "Wild Flowers of Canada / By / Maria Morris / (The Late) / Mrs. Miller. / Vol. III." Inside front cover: " Wild Flowers of Canada /


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No.1. In woods, usually growing in decayed wood. No.2. This dwarf species of yew, is not poisonous like the yew tree of Europe, for cows feed on it, and the country people make beer with it & use decoctions of it for rheumatism. No.3. It grows in dry mossy turf on old bogs, rocks or about the stems of large trees. The name is adopted from its taste which is that of the Canadian Maidenhair fern.

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Courtesy of Nova Scotia Museum

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