Courtesy of the Science Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-SA
Courtesy of the Science Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-SA

Ouse Bridge, York & Scarborough Railway

about 1845

Unknown Artist

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Ouse Bridge, York & Scarborough Railway


about 1845


Painting, watercolour, Ouse Bridge, York & Scarborough Railway, by an unknown artist, about 1845. Depicts a view of Robert Stephenson's Scarborough Railway Bridge carrying the York & North Midland Railway over the River Ouse in York. The bridge, built in stone and cast iron, is viewed from the riverbank, with a small sailing boat at a landing stage in the foreground. Another boat and an angler are visible between the spans of the bridge. Beyond the bridge in the distance is a hill. The title, "Ouse Bridge, York & Scarboro' Railway" is written below. The watercolour is on paper, badly frayed at the edges, with a linen backing.

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Scarborough Railway Bridge, York, England



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