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Point Guernsey dated 24 Aug 1846


24 Aug 1846

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A watercolour with touches of bodycolour showing a view of the Guernsey coast. The sea is shown in the foreground, with the island shown behind. A rowing boat is shown on the water in the centre and a lighthouse is shown on the island to the left. Inscribed below: Point Guernsey. VR del. Aug: 24 - 1846. On 18 August 1846, Queen Victoria sailed from Osborne House to Dorset with her husband, Prince Albert and some of their children. On 23 August 1846, the Royal Family sailed from Plymouth to Guernsey, anchoring off the island overnight.
Descriptive Medium: 'Pencil, watercolour, touches of bodycolour', 'pencil, watercolour, bodycolour (touches of)'

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