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© Trustees of the British Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

The Sailor riding to Portsmouth

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A sailor wearing striped trousers is seated outside an inn on a horse which is kicking, because one of two small boys (left) is prodding him with a stick. The sailor holds a bowl of punch, which is being spilt as he loses his stirrups and clutches the animal's mane in alarm. In front of the horse (right) stands a countryman with a handful of hay. At the door of the inn is a fat landlady, and on her left a military officer of foppish appearance. The door has a small pediment inscribed "M. Hewson Neat Wines". Above the door is the sign, a crescent surrounded by a huntsman's horn. May 1782. Hand-coloured mezzotint.
Additional Makers: Published by - Carington Bowles
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69 St. Paul's Churchyard, London, England