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image © Guy Peppiatt Fine Art | Licence: All Rights Reserved

Salmon Leap on the Teivy, South Wales

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After the success of the publication of Thomas Roscoe’s 'Wanderings and Excursions in North Wales’ in 1836, which included twenty-nine engravings after Cox, Cox was asked to produce sixteen watercolours to be engraved for 'Wanderings and Excursions in South Wales’ which was published in 1837. Solly records that Cox spent time in South Wales in the autumn of 1836 making drawings in preparation for the publication (see N. Neal Solly, Memoir of the Life of David Cox, 1973 reprint, p.58). Cox made an agreement with the publishers Wrightson and Webb of New Street, Birmingham, who agreed to pay four guineas for half of the watercolours and five guineas for the remainder.

Engraved: By W. Radclyffe for or Thomas Roscoe's `Wanderings and Excursions in South Wales', 1837, repr. opp. p.180


Indistinctly inscribed verso: Water Mill on the Teivy, three miles from Newcastle Emelyn?

Descriptive medium

Watercolour over pencil heightened with bodycolour and stopping out

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Newcastle Emlyn, West Wales, Wales