Courtesy of the Science Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-SA
Courtesy of the Science Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-SA

Society of Agriculture

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Aquatint, col.: Society of Agriculture. Plate 72 of Ackermann's Repository of Arts. J.C. Stadler after Pugin and Rowlandson, 1 June 1809. Pugin & Rowlandson delt. et sculpt; J.C. Stadler aquat. London, Pub, June 1st 1809, at R Ackermann's Repository of Arts 101 Strand. 1809 print; aquatint, col. 27.2x33.1cm., platemark 23.2x27.3cm. 'Plate 72' t.r. from: The Microcosm of London/R. Ackermann. - 1808-10. Vol.3, p.73 Members attending a meeting. Various city and rural gentry typified

Additional Makers: Thomas Rowlandson; Augustus Charles Pugin; Joseph Constantine Stadler

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Courtesy of the Science Museum

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32 Sackville Street, London, England



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The Agriculture Society met at their premises at 32 Sackville Street, London at this date.