image © Guy Peppiatt Fine Art | Licence: All Rights Reserved
image © Guy Peppiatt Fine Art | Licence: All Rights Reserved

Sunset on Boar's Hill, Oxford



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A number of similar sky and cloud studies by Turner of Oxford are datable to 1845-50. Three of this type are included in the 1984 exhibition catalogue, `The Nine Maidens, Morvah’, `Roman Road near Dorchester’ and `Full Moon over the Cherwell’ (see Timothy Wilcox and Christopher Titterington, William Turner of Oxford (1789-1962), 1984, nos. 70-72) where they are described: `The scattering of brilliantly coloured strokes of bodycolour as finishing touches on a drawing executed in watercolour is a common characteristic of Turner’s work in the 1840s and 1850s` (op.cit., p.68). Stratus Clouds Evening` was sold from the collection of Monsieur and Madame Gerard Bauer at Christie's, 22nd January 2003, lot 19.

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Watercolour and bodycolour

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image © Guy Peppiatt Fine Art

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Boars Hill, Oxford, England