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© Royal Collection Trust | Licence: All Rights Reserved

A town fair with a puppet show signed and dated 1803

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A watercolour of a scene in a busy street with buildings lining both sides, receding to the left. People in the foreground stroll towards the viewer, and some drink at a table on the left. To the right, a crowd watch a puppet show consisting of five actors performing on a raised wooden balcony beneath an illustrated backcloth; above this the puppeteer's sign reads DE GROOTE MARIONETTE EN SCHIMMEN. Signed and dated, bottom left corner: J: A: Langendyk Dz inv: et delin: 1803. Langendijk produced several drawings of fairs in 1803, such as the Kermesse en Holland, with a very similar composition.
Descriptive Medium: 'Watercolour over graphite'

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