image courtesy of Boston Public Library | Licence: Public Domain
image courtesy of Boston Public Library | Licence: Public Domain

Trinity Estate, St. Mary's

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From 'A Picturesque Tour of the Island of Jamaica' by James Hakewill (1778-1843).

TRINITY, Tryall, Brimmer Hall, and Roslyn are contiguous Estates, occupying between 4 and 5,000 acres of land, in the immediate vicinity of Port-Maria, and from their consequence give the name of Bayly’s Vale to the district in which they are situated. The richness of the land, adapted for the most part to the cultivation of sugar, the easy approach to a shipping-place, the general healthiness of the spot, and the excellent provision grounds for the Negroes, render this one of the most desirable properties in the Island, more especially as the crops are seldom known to fail from that grievous calamity a protracted drought. The returns are annually from 1,000 to 1,100 hogsheads of sugar; in 1815, they reached 1,450. The number of negroes is little short of 1,100. The annexed View embraces the works of the Estate, with its aqueduct for the supply of the Water-mill, at once an object of utility and ornament, erected at a vast expense by the father of the present proprietor, and completed in 1797. In the distance are seen the works of Brimmer Hall, with the Overseer’s House on the eminence. Mr. Bayly’s Estates are in the charge of Henry Cox, Esq., of Industry.

The above-named Estates formed part of the extensive property of the late Zachary Bayly, Esq.
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Trinity, Saint Mary's Parish, Jamaica