© Trustees of the British Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
© Trustees of the British Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Untitled (Figure dressed in green-striped shirt)


Frederick Charles Cooper

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Untitled (Figure dressed in green-striped shirt)




Undated watercolour and pencil drawing on stiff paper showing a figure dressed in green-striped shirt, red-striped trousers, yellow sash and a conical cap, excavating with what appears to be a long-handled adze. He is working in a tunnel, at the far end of which two figures stand in conversation, one of whom is wearing a red fez and the other is in Arab dress; the former is likely to be an official or foreman whereas the latter is a workman. A basket is hanging from a rope, and the presence of a separate rope alongside it suggests that there was a pulley wheel out of sight in the drawing, so that the workman could fill up the basket with earth and raise it to the surface through a hole in the roof of the tunnel. On the right-hand side of the drawing is a carved stone relief with three registers of decoration showing, from the top, a file of figures, a fortress on raised ground, and a wooded landscape. To the left of this relief is another, also in horizontal registers, on which the decoration is not clear.
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Nineveh, Iraq



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