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© Trustees of the British Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Untitled (John de la Pole)

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John de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk, and his Duchess, Elizabeth, sister to Edward IV, from their effigies in Wingfield Church, Suffolk, study for plate 139 of Stothard's 'The Monumental Effigies of Great Britain', published by Mrs Anna Eliza Bray, 1817-32, one of a large group of studies for this volume; both whole-length, to front, and resting feet upon a lion, male figure at left, resting head against helmet, and wearing armour, female figure on the right, with both forearms mutilated, also separate studies of details, including part of the Duchess's coronet, and one of the metallic loops attaching the cordon of the Duke's mantle of the Garter to either shoulder. 1812. Graphite and pen and grey and black ink, with watercolour.
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Wingfield, Suffolk, England