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View from Osborne c. 1846c. 1847


c. 1846 - c. 1847

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A watercolour showing a view of Osborne Bay. Trees are shown on a hill in the foreground, with the sea shown behind. Sailing boats are shown dotted across the water and the distant coastline is shown in the background.
Inscribed on verso: View from Osborne VR del [?Dec].
The Osborne Estate, on the Isle of Wight, was purchased by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1845. Work was started straight away on rebuilding Osborne House in the Italianate style, to designs by Prince Albert, and the royal family stayed there for lengthy periods each year. While staying at Osborne, Queen Victoria often spent time sketching in the grounds.
This watercolour is housed in an album of drawings and watercolours by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. For other items in the volume see Queen Victoria & Prince Albert Sketches.
Descriptive Medium: 'Pencil, watercolour', 'pencil, watercolour'

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Osborne Bay, Isle of Wight, England