image © Guy Peppiatt Fine Art | Licence: All Rights Reserved
image © Guy Peppiatt Fine Art | Licence: All Rights Reserved

Wadi Feiran with Gebel Serbal, Egypt


January 1849


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Watercolour heightened with bodycolour
10.3 by 20.6 cm, 4 by 8 in.
Gebel Serbal or Mount Serbal is a mountain located in Wadi Feiran in the southern Sinai desert. It is the fifth highest mountain in Egypt standing at 2070 metres high and is now part of the St. Catherine National Park.
This highly finished watercolour is a studio work based on sketches made at Gebel Serbal in January 1849, his first visit to Egypt. After a week in Cairo, Lear sent off for Mount Sinai with his friend John Cross. He caught his first glimpse of Gebel Serbal on 20th January but he didn’t stop to sketch continuing to Mount Sinai reaching St. Catherine’s Monastery on the 27th.  He returned to Cairo passing Gebel Serbal on the 30th and stopped to make sketches.

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Mount Serbal, Egypt