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The walk and terrace at Cranbourne Lodge dated 19 Sep 1752

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A watercolour of the grounds of Cranbourne Lodge in Windsor Great Park, from the north east corner of the house. A long straight path on the right with a distant view to the left. Gardeners are levelling worm-casts on the green, and gentlemen are strolling and conversing. On two sheets of paper (Villedary watermark), joined vertically. Signed, lower right, 'T. Sandby delin. Septemr 19. 1752'.

From 1751 Cranbourne Lodge was one of the homes of William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland. The walk and terrace were laid out by the Earl of Ranelagh and Henry Wise during Cranbourne's period as the Ranelagh country seat between 1699 and 1712. Further work was carried out in the gardens at Cranbourne between April and June 1752 (Royal Archives: WRA CP 74/369). This is one of a set of five watercolours of Cranbourne and the Great Park, all early works by Thomas Sandby, who continued to work for the Duke of Cumberland after returning from Scotland following the Duke's appointment as Ranger of Windsor Great Park (RCINs 914637, 914638, 914639, 914640). In 1768 a set of 'Six Different Views of Cranbourne Lodge and Park' was recorded in the Duke's Dressing Room at the Great Lodge; they are almost certainly the same as the 'Six different Views in Water Colours' recorded in the same room three years earlier (Royal Archives: WRA CP 1/19). The sixth view has not survived. The figures on the right appear in a drawing by Paul Sandby (RCIN 914502) and the gardener on the left appears in a drawing in the British Museum (LB 137 (12a)).

Alternate title: 'A Terrace and Bowling Green in Windsor Great Park (at Cranbourne Lodge?)'

Descriptive Medium: 'Pencil, pen and ink, watercolour and bodycolour', 'pen and ink, bodycolour', 'watercolour painting'

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Cranbourne Park, Windsor, England