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Watering place in the French Middle Ravine, Right Attack with the Mortar Battery, first parallel. [Crimea]



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Warre, Henry James, 1819-1898 :Unfinished sketches. [1855-1856]

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A rocky ravine, with a road through the centre, with a few soldiers passing through, some gathering water from an area to the left. In the distance, a battle can be seen, with tiny figures of soldiers and gunsmoke.

Warre has added a note to himself in pencil on the verso, along with a small sketch of a horse and some soldiers "Groups of French and English soldiers in fatigue dress - 2 horses watering in foreground." These were presumably to be added later to the sketch. Also on the verso, his text continues: "This ravine might also be called the 'Valley of Death' from the number of graves which line its sides. Hundreds of English and French are buried in it and the quantity of shot that falls into it, make it very dangerous ... The Colonel of the 50th Grench Regt was shot through the neck by a musket ball while I was making the sketch."

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