An Artist in His Studio | James Wells Champney | Image courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston | Licence: Public Domain

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The Watercolour World is constantly expanding and each new image added to the website helps to create a fuller visual record of the world before photography.

If you own an original watercolour painting or paintings that you think would belong in the Watercolour World, we would love to hear from you. Please submit a digital photograph of your painting to [email protected].

If you want to submit several paintings please send us one representative image and state how many you have. We are looking for watercolours painted before 1900 that depict actual places, people, events, plants or animals. 

We welcome submissions from private individuals as well as museums and other public institutions. You will have the option to publish your image anonymously.

Before you submit your watercolour, please check that it fits within our criteria, and you agree to our terms of participation. We also ask you to provide in your email some basic information relating to your watercolour. We will consider every image submitted to us and will decide whether we can include it or not. As we are a small charity, it may not be possible for us to respond immediately, so please be patient.

Attach the photograph of your watercolour to the email. Please send it as a jpeg file, no larger than 500KB. Before you send your image, please read the following instructions carefully.


Does your watercolour meet our criteria?

Is it a watercolour painting? (i.e. was it painted with a water-based, coloured medium, typically on paper)

Was it painted before 1900?

Does it depict something in the real world? We include paintings of actual places, people, events, and the natural world. We do not include imaginary or mythical subjects, or historical scenes that occurred before the artist’s lifetime.

If the answer is 'yes' to all of the above questions, please send a photograph of your watercolour to us.


Do you agree to our terms of participation?

You own the watercolour or you have permission from the owner to publish the image.

You own the rights to the digital image you are submitting and our use of the image will not infringe the rights of any third party, including copyright, trade mark, trade secrets, privacy, and publicity, personal or proprietary rights.

You grant TWW a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free licence to use the image and data for the following purposes:

- to be uploaded, published and promoted on the TWW website;

- for storing the images and data on the TWW database;

- for reproducing images for TWW project information and marketing purposes, including sharing content via our social media channels, blogs and other online coverage.

TWW retains editorial control over the project content, including selection of the images submitted for inclusion in the project, subject to TWW’s criteria.

All information and details provided by you to us are, to the best of your knowledge, true, accurate and up to date.


Provide the following information about your watercolour

1) Title of the watercolour (or say ‘untitled’)

2) Name of the artist (or say ‘unknown artist’)

3) Date the watercolour was made (if known)

4) Location depicted in the watercolour (if known)

5) How do you, as the owner of the watercolour, wish to be credited? You can be anonymous, in which case the watercolour will be displayed as 'Courtesy of a private collector'. Alternatively, please provide a credit line. If the image is subject to copyright, please state how you wish the copyright to be expressed (e.g. All Rights Reserved)

6) Please provide any extra information you have about the painting or the artist. For example, the dates of the artist, any inscriptions written on the painting or its mount, whether it is signed and/or dated, further details about what the painting depicts.