Courtesy of National Library of Scotland | Licence: CC BY 4.0
Courtesy of National Library of Scotland | Licence: CC BY 4.0

60b - Blantyre Priory with Bothwell Castle on the opposite side of the River Clyde, October 13. 1800


October 13, 1800

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In this drawing of Blantyre Priory and Bothwell Castle, Lanarkshire, the Priory is on the left and the Castle is on top of the hill. This drawing is one of four, which are contained in the Hutton Collection. It conveys the priory's surroundings better than the others do. Although the site of Bothwell Castle was originally in the possession of the Olifard's, it was Walter de Moravia (Moray), who began building work here in 1242. The castle is most famous for its 65 foot diameter Donjon and 15 foot thick walls, dating from the 1270s. Archibald, 3rd Earl of Douglas, acquired the castle and, true to form, invested in further fortifications. The castle finally disappeared in 1926, after losing stone for most of the previous century.

Collective title: Hutton Drawings > [Volume 2] > Lanarkshire

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Courtesy of National Library of Scotland

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Ruin Of Blantyre Priory, Blantyre, Scotland