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Collotheca rotifers




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Microscopic views of nine different species of rotifer.

Figure 1 Collotheca campanulata (here styled Flosculária campanuláta)
Figure 2 Collotheca ambiqua (here styled Flosculária ambigua)
Figure 3 Collotheca algicola (here styled Flosculária algicola)
Figure 4 Collotheca campanulata var. longicaudata (here styled Flosculária longicaudáta)
Figure 5 Collotheca coronetta (here styled Flosculária coronétta)
Figure 6 Collotheca ornate var. cyclops (here styled Flosculária cyclops)
Figure 7 Collotheca ornate var. cornuta (here styled Floscularia cornúta)
Figure 8 Floscularia regalis Hudson (here styled Flosculária regális)
Figure 9 Collotheca ornate (here styled Flosculária ornáta)

Inscribed ‘plate I’ top right, ‘C.T. Hudson del: ad nat:’ bottom left and on facing page ‘1. Flosculária campanuláta, side view, 1a. obliquely central, 1b. male, same scale as fig.1, 1c. male, magnified, 1d. female; trochal disc from above. 2. Flosculária ambigua side view, 2a obliquely central. 3. Flosculária algicola side view. 4. Flosculária longicaudáta dorsal view. 5. Flosculária coronétta side view, 5a. trochal disc from above. 6. Flosculária cyclops side view. 7. Flosculária cornúta side view. 8. Flosculária regális side view, 8a. dorsal view. 9. Flosculária ornáta obliquely dorsal, 9a trophi, side view, 9b. trophi, obliquely from above, 9c. young female first hatched, 9d. the same a little older. **All the unsigned drawings are by D Hudson, & taken from the life. * Those signed P.H.G (or otherwise) are copies by Dr. H from original drawings of Mr P.H. Gosse.’

Illustration from The original drawings of the Rotifer by Charles Thomas Hudson, 1886. A collaborative work with Philip Henry Gosse which was published in two volumes The Rotifera or Wheel-Animalcules (London 1886).

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