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Cranbourne Lodge [?]

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A watercolour drawing of the back of a large red brick house, set on a low grass terrace. The vine-covered house has two wings and a white clock tower with weathervane on the roof. A tree in the background, with an unfinished area at the centre with rough pencil indications of garden ornaments and trees. Inscribed on the verso in pencil, 'Cranbourne Lodge', in a pencil hand on several drawings by the Sandby brothers in the Royal Collection (for example, 914523, 914630, 914631). In pencil at the lower left corner are the numbers 2-6, possibly a lot number or price. Some ruled pencil lines. The sheet has a Villedary watermark. The drawing has possibly been misinscribed: prints of Cranbourne Lodge in Windsor Great Park, including one of an earlier date than the present drawing, show quite a different house. Cranbourne Lodge was built during the reign of Charles II. It was the residence of William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, during the rebuilding of the Great Lodge (now Cumberland Lodge), in around 1757-60. Cranbourne Lodge was demolished in 1830 and only a clock tower remains.

Descriptive Medium: 'Pencil, pen and ink and watercolour', 'pencil, pen and ink', 'watercolour painting'

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Windsor Great Park, Berkshire, England