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Alexander Turnbull Library | Licence: All Rights Reserved

[Explorers or Roundhead soldiers outside a cave, and near a tree. 1640s?]

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Several armed men, with high hats, and 17th century clothing, carrying arms or large staves, walking towards a large tree. On the left is a cave, with a seated figure at its mouth. The figure is pointing towards the tree. Possibly an illustration for a historic story

May show the incident when King Charles was found hiding in an oak tree

On verso: four sealing wax remnants, suggesting the picture was once in an album

Other information: Other historic or fictional images by Martens are known, e.g.'Man in period costume' and 'Study of man with ruff', both watercolours, National Library of Australia. This work was initially assumed to show Australia, on acquisition

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Charles 1 hid on an oak tree king from Parliamentarian forces at Boscobel House in Shropshire. (