Courtesy of Nova Scotia Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-ND
Courtesy of Nova Scotia Museum | Licence: CC BY-NC-ND

H.M.S. Asia at entrance of Halifax Harbour


c. 1800


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WATERCOLOUR PAINTING OF H.M.S. ASIA AT ENTRANCE OF Halifax Harbour, WITH George's Island IN BACKGROUND, c.1800; Mi'kmaw canoe in right foreground; Fort Clarence, Dartmouth in left background. IN GILT FRAME; SIGNED AT LOWER LEFT ON BUOY, ALSO LOWER RIGHT ON MAT: "G.G. LENNOCK DELT." George Gustavus Lennock was serving as a Lieutenant aboard HMS ASIA when he made this work. ASIA was a 64 gun Third Rate ship built in 1764. She saw extensive action in the American Revolution and was the flag ship of the North American squadron in Halifax during the Napoleonic Wars. ASIA was broken up in 1804. At least four other Royal Navy ships were also named HMS ASIA in other periods.


Signed lower right corner: "G.G. Lennock delt[?]." Paper label on back of frame: "The Asia a 64 gun ship / Capt. Lennock [?] Lieutenant in her in 1800 - in Halifax Harbour."

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Courtesy of Nova Scotia Museum

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Halifax Harbour, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada